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You have found the home of the Carolina Gassers. We are a group of Drag Racers committed to preserving the heritage of our roots. This group is made up of the Anglias, Willys, Henry Js, Fiats as well as the old Chevys, Fords and Dodges that frequented the drag strips of the late 60's and early 70's. Coming to see one of our shows is like taking a step back in time. A step back to before all the rules and regulations governed all the cars to look and run the same. When we pull the trigger on one of these unpredictable, often short wheel based, often ill handling creations, one thing is for sure - EXCITEMENT will ensue. Come see our show but be prepared to have the way you think about drag racing changed forever......

Final 2011 Points Standings:

1 - 25 - Justus Daniel
2 - 24 - Coy McLeod
3 - 23 - Tommy Lumley
4 - 22 - Randy Sims
5 - 21 - Jimmie Guillen
5 - 21-Marty Hayes
6 - 20 - Jim Guillen
6 - 20 - Brian Kirby
7 - 15-Jathen Lee
7 - 15 - Marty Hayes
7 - 8 - Thurman Swain
8 - 12 - Todd Robinson
9 - 7 - David Phillips
10 - 6 - Shone Blackburn
10 - 6 - Joe Smith
11 - 5 - Tyler Brayton
11 - 5 - Junior Blackburn
11 - 5 - Jim Powers

Videos from Pageland Dragway:

Qualifying round 1

Qualifying round 2

Carolina Gasser Videos from the Wilkesboro Raceway Park:

Some 1st round action

'55 Chevy vs. Chevy II

'40 Chevy (Tommy Lumley) vs. Roadster

Jim Guillen on a solo pass

Randy Simms ('55 Chevy) vs. Justus Daniel ('52 Henry J)

Anglia vs. Chevy II

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Carolina Gassers 2011 Grand Champion

Justus Daniel and his "All Steel" '52 Henry J

Justus Daniel's All Steel '52 Henry J

Congratulations Justus and the crew on your hard fought Championship WIN!!!


Carolina Gassers 2010 Grand Champion

Tommy Lumley and his Old Skool Outlaw '40 Chevy!

Tommy Lumley - Old Skool Outlaw

Congratulation Tommy & crew on your well deserved CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


2009 Carolina Gassers Grand Champion

Coy Mcleod in his Dream Maker '57 Chevy picked up both the Wilkesboro wins and the big end of year shoot out at Pageland and is your 2009 Carolina Gassers Grand Champion!!!


Congratulations Coy on winning the 2009 Carolina Gassers Crown in true championship style.


2008 Carolina Gassers Grand Champion

Joe Smith and his dominating '62 Chevy

Joe Smith 2008 Champion

Congratulations Joe for capturing the inaugural Grand Champion Carolina Gassers Crown




Joey Rhyme & Randy Simms

Jim Guillen's Right Hand Drive Anglia


Come see for yourself what everyone else is talking about! Hang on the fence and watch the cars of yesteryear scream by you like it's 1969 all over again.

Mandatory Tech Check List

_____ 1969 or Older Body Style
_____ Must be able to Run at Least 6.99
_____ Helmet, Long Pants and Full Shoes
_____ Any Car Running on Alcohol or Runs 5.99 & Quicker Must Have 3.2A-5 Jacket & Pants
_____ Full Roll Cage as per Carolina Gassers Tech Department
_____ Two Driveshaft Loops Properly Installed _______ Front _______ Rear
_____ Five Point Harness in Good Working Order and Properly Installed
_____ Properly Secured Fire Extinguisher Within Reach of Driver
_____ Batteries Secured and Outside Drivers Compartment
_____ No Worn Tires
_____ Must Have All Wheel Studs and Lug Nuts
_____ Must Have at Least One Tail Light On at All Times
_____ Must Have Neutral Safety Switch Wired Up and Working on Shifter
_____ Must Have Master Disconnect Switch on Rear of Car and it Must Kill the Ignition of the Car While Running
_____ No Leaks or Drips of Any Kind
_____ No Anti Freeze in Cooling System (Water Wetter and other Non Anti Freeze Additives Okay)

_____ SFI Balancer & Flywheel

_____ Driver & Car Owner are Ultimately Responsible for the Safety of Themselves & Their Equipment


Race into the future, Race on E85

Wilkesboro Raceway Park

For really great event photos check out New Day Photography, just click this link.

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